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Many years of traveling through Costa Rica have enabled us to be able to segment the typology of a trip, to be able to offer each of our travelers the trip that best suits their tastes and options. And if this is not related to the ones we propose here, do not hesitate to ask us what you want to do and surely we can give you the option of travel that suits your concerns.

Packages for all kinds of needs:

Birdwatching Tours

Costa Rica is famous for being a destination for birdwatchers. Around 850 species of birds concentrated in an area of ​​50 thousand km2, it is without a doubt a destination that you can not miss.

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Honeymoons and Romance Gateways

Costa Rica gives the most romantic landscapes to make of your honeymoon or trip as a couple, an unforgettable experience.

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Exclusivity, comfort and spectacular landscapes. Enjoy Costa Rica as only you deserve it.

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Rural and Sustainable Trips

Costa Rica Rural Community is the opportunity to experience community life by becoming pat of the local rural communities.

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Trekking Adventures

Costa Rica is a worldwide synonym of adventure. Come and face the most challenging and beautiful challenges of your life in this paradisiac tour.

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Costa Rica Essential

Trip to Costa Rica. The conventional trip is the best known and combines the most recognized tourist attractions of Costa Rica, its beaches, volcanoes and national parks.

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Panama Trips

Experience one of the greatest places in Panama. Located in the south of Costa Rica, Bocas del Toro is a paradise that awaits you to show its charms.

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Nicaragua Trips

Leaving Costa Rica to the neighboring country. Another gem waiting to be explored.

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