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Birdwatching Tours

Costa Rica is famous among the most recognized bird watchers, and the interest of people has increased in recent years, due to the great diversity of birds available in the country. With almost 850 species of birds - more than in all of North America - concentrated in an area of ​​just 50 thousand square kilometers, it is easy to understand the enthusiasm with which many travelers come to Costa Rica to achieve a sighting of many species or of any one in particular, according to their objective.
One of the reasons for the extraordinary abundance of birds in Costa Rica is the great variety of habitats in the country: rainforests, cloud and dry forests, beaches, rivers, mangroves. And these different ecosystems, with their own bird species, are generally very close to each other. Bird watchers from North America, for example, who visit Costa Rica in winter, recognize several of these species, since many of them migrate to Costa Rica at this time. In addition, the exemplary system of protected areas and national parks of the country provide a large amount of ideal space for bird watchers, but wherever you are in the country you can find interesting bird species.

Current Routes

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Costa Rica Birds Route

Costa Rica has more than 900 species of birds concentrated in a very small area, this abundance is thanks to the variety of habitats such as rainy, cloud and dry forests, beaches, mangroves.

Heredia, San Gerardo de Dota, Corcovado, Uvita, Carara, Boca Tapada, Sarapiquí

$ 1,777

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Birdwatching Getaway

Costa Rica is positioned as one of the most visited places in the world for bird watching. The dense woods allow you to hear the calls and songs of the incredible birds.

Arenal, Caño Negro, Monteverde, Palo Verde

$ 1.293

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Birdwatching Costa Rica Tour

Talking about birds in Costa Rica we can only think about the diversity of forest colors. Costa Rica is a paradise for bird lovers and for all those who appreciate the beauty of nature.

Turrialba, Orosi, Sarapiqui, Tortuguero

$ 1.354

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