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Why Costa Rica?

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a country that has lived without an army since 1948. With a stable democracy that allows it to be a safe country to travel and live.

It enjoys a strategic geographical position in Central America, as it is a bridge between North America and South America. Costa Rica by its location facilitates the air connection to North America and other countries of the world.

It has two international airports where different airlines arrive from Europe, North America, and South America. With coasts in the Caribbean Sea and in the Pacific Ocean. Its biodiversity is extraordinary and is easy to explore it because of its size.

Costa Rica has a very pleasant climate throughout the year. It has two seasons marked, dry season (called summer) and rainy season (called winter). In rainy season, it is lovely to see a lot of rain falls, and in an instant pass. We can see the birds fluttering with joy, jumping from flower to flower to take their water rained and breathe the smell of wet earth and clean air.

Motmot Bird

The sunrises in rainy season are breathtaking, skies painted with reddish, oranges and golds. In the dry season the sunsets are fabulous, skies decorated with blue, gray, golden, and sometimes intense violet colors with a pleasant temperature and the possibility of enjoying beautiful days.

Costa Rica is a small country and only has 0.03% of the planet's surface, however it is ranked among the most biodiverse countries on earth in species density. This means that it is possible to find more species in 1,000 km2 in Costa Rica than in the same extension in countries like Brazil or Colombia.

And its size is one of its many virtues, because you can travel from coast to coast in one day. Of course, the ideal is to stay in each place for one or two days to feel, breathe and soak up its diversity, its unique fauna and flora.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Cheer up! You will find a place of unique natural wealth. Its friendly people await you.

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Why Costa Rica?

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