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Terra Incognita offers you the experience of a completely personalized trip.
Custom Vacations

One Day Tours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is perfect for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and people who are looking for a new experience or unforgettable memories. Come and see the abundance of nature and wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer.

Many years of traveling through Costa Rica have allowed us to select a variety of activities that you can enjoy when traveling around the country.

And not because less time is available for the tour means that one has to deprive oneself of the experience, nor does it mean that the activity is less rich in content. Enjoy a condensed and full experience, with these day tours.

Each of the tours offered have been selected to promote Sustainable Tourism that seeks to support and contribute to local communities, environmental protection and a better distribution of natural and economic resources.

This is a sample of the activities you can experience in Costa Rica, and what we can offer to each of our travelers. We hope you like our suggestions. All our services can be modified according to your interests, time and budget.

And if what you want is not related to what we propose here, do not hesitate to ask us what you are looking for and we can surely give you the travel option that fits your specific interests.

Enjoy all kind of activities with us. Experience Costa Rica