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Why Visit Costa Rica During Green Season

If you are waiting the next Costa Rica’s dry season, you may be missing out on the more intense Pura Vida experience happening now, in the green (rainy) season, from May to mid-December. Despite some typical storms at the beginning of the rainy season in May, the "real" rainy season is mainly the month of October. During this period it is possible to have very rainy days. May, June, July, August, September and November, the weather is still good for a wonderful vacation. We give you some reasons to visit now.

The rainforest is more exciting. When we talk about Costa Rica we talk about the tropical rainforest, so why not experience the rain in a rainforest? Walk in the forest in the middle of the rain give you unique sensations. The raindrops falling in the leaves, the frogs sing, and the animals run to take shelter. The rainy season gives another sight to explore.

Costa Rica During Green Season

Adrenaline activities. A white-water rafting tour in green season gives an exciting adventure without equal. The more rain we have a better rafting we will enjoy. In addition, canyoning and rappelling on waterfalls are spectacular. Green season means rains throughout the day, but mornings are sunny and bright with plenty of time to hit the pool or beach.

Costa Rica During Green Season

Explosion of life. Believe it or not, Costa Rica can be even more lush, abundant and green in green season. The rains help the plants to flourish and have fruits, and we can observe many birds and butterflies feed themselves. Whales come at the peak of the rainy season. They arrive from mid-July to mid-November but the best time for whale watching in the Osa Peninsula is during September and October, when the whale moms arrive to have their calves through October.

Costa Rica During Green Season

Low rates and promotions. Hotels drop their rates significantly in green season and this is a great advantage when planning your Costa Rica vacation. There are excellent promotions on hotel rates, car rentals and airline tickets, which are in most cases even more attractive than prices that are already low in the green season.

Crowds disappear. During green season crowds diminish. The tourist spots such as beaches and national parks are more easily to visit. The vacation time will be even more relaxed because you do not have to wait for long lines to enter a park or tourist place.

Costa Rica During Green Season

Be witness of a true downpour in the tropics is a great experience. We invited you to see how the forest comes alive in the rainy season. Will be an unforgettable experience for your Costa Rica vacation.

We offer a special green season trips:

Visit Costa Rica and let be guided by local experts!

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