Manuel Antonio town

Exuberant vegetation and wide white sand beaches make Manuel Antonio a unique experience in Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio is a small coastal town located on the central Pacific of Costa Rica. It has a very pleasant environment stuck in a humid tropical forest that makes it look unique and refreshing. It has different places to stay and restaurants of all levels that are confused with the daily life of its inhabitants. In this town is located the national park with the same name, Manuel Antonio National Park.

Manuel Antonio panoramic view
Manuel Antonio panoramic view

This park has an extension of 1983 terrestrial hectares and 55 thousand hectares in the marine part which attracts many national and foreign visitors for its beauty and easy access. It offers white sand beaches and a humid tropical forest where you can find a flora and fauna of great wealth.

Manuel Antonio

Its terrestrial and marine biodiversity protects forest, mangrove, beach vegetation, marine environments, islands, as well as a lagoon of 14 hectares, dedicated to conservation, research, and ecological tourism.

The beauty of its beaches surrounded by tropical forest, where its greenery mixes with the color of its beaches and make a fusion of pure nature is one of its true charms.

Its trails are demarcated and labeled facilitating the route for visitors. The visiting hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The trails have accessibility for any visitor.

In its forests more than 100 species of mammals are housed, among the best known are the White-faced monkeys, Howler monkey and the Squirrel monkey, the two and three toed Sloth, Raccoon, and the Coatis.

Howler monkey
Howler monkey

Around 184 species of birds are counted, among them we can observe Aracaris, the Gray Hawk, Brown pelican, Great Blue Heron, the Kingfisher and the Turquoise-browed Motmot. You can see iguanas, lizards, snakes, as well as many insects.


Manuel Antonio stands out for its scenic beauty and is ideal for snorkelling for its wealth of marine fauna, corals and beaches ideal for sunbathing.

Manuel Antonio

Travel to Costa Rica visit Manuel Antonio, rest on its beaches exuberant beaches surrounded by forest!

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