January 30, 2018

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park is located in the northeast of Costa Rica. It has great world importance in tourism, as well as scientifically, and is recognized worldwide for hosting and protecting the beaches where each year comes to spawn and nest the green turtle.

Green Turtle at Laguna Lodge

In Costa Rica is possible to observe five of the seven species of sea turtles that inhabit the world, and three of these five species can be seen in Tortuguero, as the Green Turtle, Leatherback Turtle, and Loggerhead Turtle. This is part of its ecological importance by protecting these turtles.

This park also protects important populations of endangered species, including the manatee and the jaguar, the largest feline in America.

Tortuguero National Park is a paradise for research and ecotourism because of its rich flora and fauna. Its ecosystems are complex and diverse, it passes through tranquility and quiet by navigating through the greenery of its channels to listen to the song of the birds, howling monkeys, watching the caiman taking sun or sighting of the river turtles prostrate on the trunks.

River turtles

One of the great attractions of Tortuguero is the sighting of sea turtles. There is an observation program in which are involved the National Park and a local organization to establish turtle trackers (people trained and authorized by the organization of national parks to seek turtles). These people have been trained under the ecological measures and can detect when the turtle is coming out of the sea, in this way the program protects against turtle torture and ensures the ideal time for the observation spawning, maintaining security for all.

The spawning of the green turtle can usually be observed from June to October, even so, the ecological dynamic can vary.

The park is formed by marine and terrestrial, has several land and water trails. On the El Jaguar land trail you can find traces and nests of turtles during the spawning season, as well as observe other animals such as hawks, monkeys, curassows, and many dragonflies, butterflies and iguanas.

Green iguana

On the water trails where canoeing, electric motor or kayak trips are made. On the Caño Chiquero Mora trail, where it is possible to see the tolomuco. The Tortuguero River is covered in motor boats and constitutes the entrance to the channel sector that owns the park. We also visit the Caño Harold trail and the Caño Palma trail with abundant waterfowl. Tortuguero has a unique access by sea through boats traveling through the canals.

Tortuguero canal

The town of Tortuguero is a unique attraction for all visitors, access is also by sea. Inside the town the inhabitants move by bicycle; to leave and return to the town they do it by boat.

Tortuguero has humid tropical forest and very humid tropical forest where the rain allows to have a constant emerald green vegetation, even many have said that traveling through its channels is like going for a small Amazon.

Visit Costa Rica let yourself be enveloped by the exuberance of a global icon in biodiversity¡

See side and canal side views

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