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Secrets of a Nature Hike in Costa Rica

One of the reasons that people travel to Costa Rica is the acres of pristine countryside to enjoy. You don’t have to head too far off the beaten track to when hiking in Costa Rica to enjoy spotting local wildlife and trekking along hidden routes to discover new adventures.

Wherever you’re staying in Costa Rica, you don’t have to travel too far for the best wildlife watching ever. Rain or shine, you can plan a walk along a forest track or even around the grounds of your mountain accommodation and enjoy keeping an eye out for residents such as sloths, scarlet macaws, or poison dart frogs.

picture of a red-eyed frog standing on a big green leaf
Red-eyed frog

Guided Hikes

Going on a guided hike in Costa Rica is an excellent introduction to the wildlife in the area. Your guide will be an expert in the area and what types of wildlife you should expect to see. You will learn about not only the animals that make their home along the trails but also the plants and flowers that line the path. Have you ever wondered why some creepers live as parasites on trees? Or why the leaf-cutter ants on the forest floor walk the same path again and again. You will be astonished at what hidden treasures you don’t notice until they are pointed out to you. When you’re trekking inCosta Rica, you’ll stumble on surprises around every corner.

Obviously, your guide can't guarantee what you will see, but if you’re hiking in Costa Rica, then you’re likely to spot at least one species of monkey, a whole rainbow of birds, and hordes of crazy looking insects as you wander. Your guide might be able to point out wild cats, tapir,deer, or kinkajou if you’re in the right place, and they happen to cross your path.

picture of some people trekking across Los Santos mountains area in the Central Valley
Trekking across Los Santos area

Night Hikes

Night hikes are so much fun, and a must if you have an adventurous spirit. Don't worry, and you can take guided nature hikes at night if you’re not feeling brave enough to goit alone. You’ll be given a torch and will usually stick to paths in a good state of repair, which are suitable for watching nocturnal wildlife. Some ofthe animals that are most active at night are the jungle cats such as ocelots, jaguars, and the tree-dwelling cats such as the endangered Olingo as these nocturnal predators come out in search of rodents and snakes that come out after dark. Try the Tirimbina Rainforest Reserve night hike over a bridge suspended in the canopy of the rain forest and be astonished by the wealth of jungle night life you see when trekking in Costa Rica at night.

picture of a Black and White owl hanged on a branch of a tree at night
Black and White Owl

Hiking and Camping

You can do longer hikes in Costa Rica on your vacation too - how does an authentic wilderness experience sound? There are several longer routes, which include overnight stays in official forest rural accommodation or ranger stations. The five days Corcovado hike leads you through some of the most beautiful pristine wilderness in Central America and along the wonderful coastline of the Osa Peninsula. The other famous wild trek climbs up the Cerro Chirripo, to reward you with a hike through a range of terrain from the rain forest to the tropical tundra.

picture of a woman walking down over the path of the Chirripo Peak
Hiking down the Chirripo Peak

Whatever your like, whether if you are looking for a hiking day activities or trekking packages of two days or more, you will always find challenging adventures to each level and expectations in Costa Rica.

Travel with us and discover the charm of this beautiful place in your next vacations in Costa Rica.

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