June 7, 2018

Santa Teresa Beach

Wellness, freedom, sun, nature beach, light walks without worries, the rays of the sun cover our skin and we breathe sea breeze.

If we talk about some beautiful beach in Costa Rica I would say that there are many beautiful beaches. Mostly they are surrounded by nature, some are extensive; depending on the location, its sand is golden or volcanic. And its people, the Ticos mixed with some Europeans or North Americans who have made Costa Rica their home, make the perfect combination to make the place something paradisiacal.

This is the case of Santa Teresa, one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica for being an ideal place for surfing.

On the coasts of Costa Rica, it is usual to see the towns develop next to the beaches. Their homes and shops located a few meters from the sea. This is very usual since the coastal towns in their beginnings were founded by fishers and being close to the beach allowed them to transport their merchandise easily and take care of their boats.

The small town of Santa Teresa is one of these towns located next to the beach.

Years ago, it was unknown to travelers, it lay like a wild town, with its wild nature and beautiful beach with big waves, a rural town without electricity or telephony.

Little by little it has been discovered by intrepid and adventurous travelers in search of unique places. The surfers were the first to arrive in Santa Teresa; the ideal waves for surfing and that open air without hurry for life. Many of them stayed to live enchanted by the magic of the place. This led a development at a higher tourist level and became a beach much sought after by surfers.

Nowadays it is a town ideal for all types of visitors, a place that receives travelers of all kinds and socioeconomic levels. Are attracted by the place where the international culture was fused with the local ethic culture. International food restaurants are mixed with local food, hotels of all levels, people from other countries are disguised among the local people giving a unique style to the place.

Enjoy our options to discover this paradise, where time passes slowly, and nature takes over our life and brings us closer to the essential.

Come to live the adventure and add Santa Teresa to your visiting list!

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