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Rafting Adventure on the Pacuare River

Our first rafting adventure. From San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, we made a journey of approximately 2 hours to reach the banks of the river. The Pacuare River rises in the Talamanca mountain range and flows 108 km to empty into the Caribbean Sea. By its natural beauty and spectacular rapids Pacuare river is placed between the five best rivers in the world for rafting and kayaking. And today we will to experience this challenge that charms people from all over the world.

There the rafts awaited us on the banks of the river, which would take us to enjoy this adventure.

Before starting we received the safety instructions which are very important to have a safe trip and enjoy the adrenaline without having major problems. Then we put on our safety equipment (helmet and vest) and got on the raft with oars in hand.

rafting on the Pacuare

The beginning was easy, right! ... left! ... stop! ... back! ... calm waters crossed by rapids level II and III. We started to get into the moving waters and each time the walls became greener and taller. We were anxious to challenge the current. And while advancing what impressed us was the natural beauty of its waterfalls. Great forests and animal life make this trip an ideal combination of adventure and nature.

rafting on the Pacuare

We continued the river and, in the parts, where the water was calm we admired the landscape. In the tour we saw 2 toucans very close and, in the trees, we also saw orioles.

The most exciting part was about to start. One of the guides went by kayak near us in case of emergency. Its main function was to rescue any fallen to the water and show the safe path to the guides. The water moved with force and the currents shook us from side to side. Adrenaline was growing as we advanced. The guide told us to paddle, row ... forward! ... with strength! ... Come on! row ... back! ... stronger. Teamwork is important and maintaining the same rhythm is not easy, but it makes the trip an experience that you must live at least once in your life.

rafting on the Pacuare

We got wet, we jumped, we laughed, we shouted, some fell into the water, some were frightened, and others had more fun, but what we all had was a lot of water. Adrenaline up, and emotion invaded the body. We crossed several rapids quite chaotic and we found the level III rapids called Doble Piso (Double Floor), followed by this fast we found two stronger rapids, level IV called Las Huacas and Cimarrones, an incredible experience.

rafting Las Huacas
Las Huacas

Continuing with the tour we find The Canyon of Two Mountains where its landscape and scenic beauty is unique I will always remember it. In this part of the river its waters are calm, we swam, and we enjoyed this place. Then we continued the journey and we ended it floating calmly. We crossed a bridge that welcomed us to civilization. And once changed and dry, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and started the tour back to San Jose, ready to continue having more adventures in this beautiful country.

rafting on the Pacuare
Tow Mountains

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