January 30, 2018

Corcovado National Park

The Corcovado National Park is found in the southern part of Costa Rica. Located on the Osa Peninsula, it is one of the largest parks in Costa Rica. Just as big is this park, great is its nature. It has an exuberant richness in wildlife, overflowing flora and fauna, and unique views. One of the most important aspects of Corcovado is that in all its extension of 41,788 hectares has been identified 5% of all the biodiversity of the planet.

Corcovado is a charming place, romantic, with green and red tones like the limpets traveling in


Visiting the Corcovado National Park means living and

Corcovado is the habit of tapir, harpy eagle, sloth, jaguar, puma anteaters, ocelot,

A trip to Corcovado National Park allows to feel a real adventure for travelers who like pure nature, explore and be blinded by a sunset, skies full of stars and live the nature in big dimensions. This is a place to be explored with the senses, to breathe its pure air, to walk the trails. And to know that it is the habitat of the impressive felines as it is the puma and the jaguar. 

Corcovado National Park has several areas where you can enter. San

Corcovado park keeps very wild in its

A 3 nights

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You can also combine this beautiful destination with others destinations in Costa Rica in an itinerary route. We can travel to San Gerardo de Dota and sleep one night there. The next day departure to Puerto Jimenez town and continuing until the arrival to the lodge to rest. The second day the visit to La Leona Biological Reserve will be waiting for us. Here we walk throughout the day exploring the beauty of pure and savage nature.

Everything will depend traveler likes of how you want to explore the ecological corners of this small and diverse country, Costa Rica.

Sunset in Corcovado


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