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Bird watching in Costa Rica

Costa Rica keeps surprising to all its travellers eager for unforgettable experiences.

In a territory of 51.000 square meters, it offers more than 900 species of birds. Costa Rica is beautiful with its green forests, its exotic flowers, and its warm seas. And we add more color and exoticism, thanks the many species of birds with spectacular colours, with vivacious plumage, of different sizes, many of them are migratory and others are endemic.

The Quetzal is one of the most looked for. Can be located in San Gerardo de Dota area or in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The male has bright green and red plumage with a long tail taking the first place in beauty.


It is possible to observe 100 species of birds in one day, to get this goal it is important to locate the ideal sites for bird watching. Being a small territory, birds can be seen at any time and season, this becomes an advantage compared to other countries, the ease of observation and quantities of birds we have.

Ornate hawk-eagle
Ornate hawk-eagle

Nearctic migration occurs between October and December, which are the birds of North America migrating to Costa Rica for the winter north. These months are perfect to observe many of these species in our country.

Costa Rica as a small territory, gives the opportunity to be very early in San Gerardo de Dota and then moves to areas like Orosi, Turrialba or Sarapiqui which are viewpoints to observe other types of birds.

Violet sabrewing
Violet sabrewing

There are many lodges, hostels and hotels that have extensions of land as biological reserves, facilitating the observation of birds in their natural state.

In Turrialba live flycatchers, violoceous quail-dove, white-crowned manakin, among the great variety that can be found, as well as different species of hummingbirds.

White-crowned manakin
White-crowned manakin

In Sarapiqui many toucans, large green macaws, wood thrushes, gray-necked wood-rails, sunbittern and blue-tailed hummingbird are just some of the birds that inhabit the biological reserves of the location.

Wood thrush
Wood thrush

We are a privileged country, we have a range of amazing bird species!

Visit Costa Rica and let be guided by local experts!

We offer specialized birdwatching trips:

Travel with us and live unforgettable experiences!

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