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5 Activities Your Kids Will Love in Costa Rica

If you’re looking for a trip that won’t break the bank, then consider an affordable family vacation in Costa Rica. You can visit a beautiful country and enjoy a whole list of family adventures at an affordable cost. The great thing about taking kids to Costa Rica is that it is developed enough to feel safe yet has an atmosphere and attractions that are all it is own. You can experience a whole list of adventures suitable for all ages when you bring your family to Costa Rica.

The Hanging Bridges of Monteverde

These walkways suspended in the cloud forest are a perfect introduction to the biodiversity of Costa Rica. You can stroll along the extensive walkways strung up in the forest canopy and enjoy the sheer variety of plants and animals in the Monteverde area of the country.

Walk along to the butterfly garden where you will be amazed by the colourful display of the 30 species native to Costa Rica gathered in one place. The hummingbird garden will not leave you disappointed either. Kids can watch the 14 different species of hummingbirds feeding on tropical flowers planted in the garden while you enjoy a cloud forest picnic.

a picture of hanging bridges in monteverde, costa rica
Monteverde Hanging bridges

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Humpback whales love to be seen in Costa Rica! It is the perfect place to introduce your kids to these marine giants as there is so much going on in the water. It is possible to see humpbacks throughout the year on South pacific coast, singly, or in small groups. They are visible to whale watchers as they spend their time offshore breaching and leaping clear of the water, spy hopping and popping their faces out of the water to check out their surroundings and fluke flipping.

If you go on an organized whale and dolphin watching trip, you can expect to spot a few of the local marine residents, and some of those passing through on their way elsewhere. This is a family vacation trip not to miss out!

a picture of a humpback whale jumping over the open sea, costa rica
A humpback whale in the Pacific coast

Hot Springs in Arenal

There are so many great places to pay a visit to the thermal springs when you take an affordable family vacation to Costa Rica. If you and your family feel like taking a walk on the wild side, then you need to try out one of the more rustic options. Rio Agua Caliente is set in the Arenal Volcano National Park, and just 30 minutes walk from the volcano itself is an area of the river where it is perfect for stopping for a dip. You can soak in the thermally heated mineral-rich water in the middle of the forest and enjoy a truly back to nature experience.  

a picture of the thermal springs in arenal, costa rica
River of natural thermal water

Coral Reef at Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park sits on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, and if your family enjoys getting into the water, then this will be a highlight of the trip. Just off the beach sits a spectacular 600-acre coral reef where you can join a snorkeling tour and see the living coral up close.

On your underwater journey, you will also see the hundreds of species of fish and sea life that make their home on the reef. Swim over the sea urchins on the rocks and watch the angelfish and parrotfish feed as the stingrays swoop in the background. If you're feeling brave, you can swim over to the nearby shipwreck and try and spot the cannons that still lie in the deep.

a picture of a stingray in the seabed of the caribbean sea, costa rica

Jaguar Rescue Center

Sloths, big cats, monkeys, and native reptiles make their home at the Jaguar Rescue Centre in Puerto Viejo. On the Caribbean side of the country, both child and adult animal lovers will love to visit this amazing place, which offers an educational and fun experience.

The rescue center is a beautiful place for injured animals to recuperate, and the objective of the team that works there is to help the animals that come in go back to the wild. You can enjoy a tour of the center conducted by one of the knowledgeable guides, and you will definitely come away from your affordable family vacation to Costa Rica with a deeper understanding of the wildlife of the country.

a three finger sloth climbing a tree, costa rica
Three-fingered sloth

Travel with us and discover the charm of this beautiful place in your next vacations in Costa Rica.

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