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The Ticos spanish guide

Ticos, as Costa Ricans are known, go beyond a PURA VIDA in their daily talk. Within the most used words of the ticos we can hear some like "mae", "que tuanis" and "compa", and even expressions like "que rajado" and “que me dice".

Costa Rica besides being an ecotourism destination worldwide, is also identified by the peculiar PURA VIDA. This expression means as many things as we can imagine. Even so, ticos have a variety of words or phrases with which they refer to everyday things, emotions, and ways of being. Ticos are what they themselves define as "dicharacheros" a kind of talkative. They use lots of nicknames and popular non-official words. Most of these words only the ticos can understand. Within a common conversation of a tico, can be heard phrases or words used to call objects or ways to describe situations.

The Costa Ricans or Ticos are known to be friendly people, but also talkative. When you visit Costa Rica you will observe and listen to use words to call people or things in diminutive.

It is posible to hear words like “el parquecito” means little park, “la ranita” means little frog, “el chiquito” means child, “el perrito” means little dog or puppy, and many more.  

Traveling is to meet people and cultures. Costa Rica is a destination where is easy to exchange culture experiences. The travelers could be part of the daily life very quickly because Costa Rican people are so friendly and warm with their visitors. Besides its nature flora and fauna, Costa Rica has a cultural wealth, based on its people and its history.

Some of the most popular and colloquial words and phrases a tourist can hear are,

Acharita: indicates sadness  

Más agarrado que mono en ventolero: selfish person, stingy person  

Que aguevado: boring person, something is boring  

Amarrar el perro: don´t pay debts  

Aplanchar la oreja: go to bed, go to sleep

Ando a pata: don´t have car so must walk    

Troliada: walk a lot, many kilometers  

Yodo: coffee  

Tiene cachos nuevos: have new shoes  

Se armó la gorda: a fight starts

Carne molida: person who makes many mistakes  

Chunche: anything, a book is a “chunche”, a spoon is a “chunche”

Colgar los tenis: to die

Que tuanis: nice, wonderful, awesome

Those words are a few examples what a traveler can expect in a trip around Costa Rica. This is part of the essence of ticos and show their good sense of humor.

Now you know, when you visit Costa Rica do not lose an afternoon in the park of the town. You will be surprised!

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