July 28, 2017

Rural Tourism in Costa Rica

Rural Tourism is a different way of traveling and knowing while interacting and relating more closely with people of the country, living their customs, and even learning new things.  

‍‍Kids tasting artisan chocolate

In Costa Rica was born as an economic response to promote the conservation of protected wilderness areas, to value the indigenous culture and to promote practices that promote respect for their environment. And from its beginnings it was promoted under the model of sustainable development, being Rural Tourism pioneer in this area.

‍Cooking with solar energy in Isla Chira

It has meant an economic income response for many families engaged in agriculture. Also to groups of women who have organized, giving opportunity to join the activity to more women in their community who are heads of families, while encouraging gender equity.

‍Women from Acomuita group, Caribbean South

The Rural Tourism has expanded and has become an activity in which whole families and groups of people support each other to conserve and respect the environment, and it’s a way to promote and transmit our country and aboriginal roots. In this kind of tourism sustainability is took very seriously because, people have developed their projects based on social responsibility and sustainability in harmony with the nature that surrounds them.

‍Artisan woman from Guatil, Guanacaste

The rural tourism leaves unique and authentic experiences, each place that is visited is attended by people of the own community. Families often host travelers in their own homes. The hosts, consider the protocols that the tourist activity implies to give a quality service, but they are simple and authentic people, who do not lose their rural essence and this is exactly what travelers love the most, makes them feel like in home to every person who visits them.

‍Travelers in rural family home, San Gerardo de Rivas

Enjoy a walk guided by the owner of a farm where his real knowledge, his only university has developed in the field with his crops and, at lunch is the cook or the waiter. Arrive at a hostel on one of the Gulf Islands lead by women who believed in themselves, where they themselves are captains of their boats, guides of the mangrove tour. And in the evening, are the kitchen ladies where after dinner they meet with travelers to start a beautiful talk under the starlight or with the singing of frogs where everyone shares their life experiences in this beautiful planet.

Community Rural Tourism has also been developed in Costa Rica in aboriginal communities such as Bribris in the South Caribbean, and Borucas in the South Pacific to name a few.

‍Museum and shop in Boruca community, South Pacific

It is an ideal tourism for all types of travelers, honeymoons, groups of friends and friends, singles, or families with children. The children can run through the fields, to see their eyes of surprise on a tour of the farm and to encounter cows at the milking time, on a coffee farm appreciate from the fruit to the ground grain or in a fruit farm savor an endemic tropical fruit they have never tasted.

It is also possible to combine rural tourism with traditional tourism. Do day activities or stay one night or more, live the experiences, and then continue with the trip through Costa Rica to a tourist destination more traditional.

The Rural Tourism allows to appreciate the way of being Costa Rican. Country and aboriginal peoples, where you live with the families and exist a true cultural exchange.

‍Making artisan chocolate in Yorkin, Talamanca

Come and visit Costa Rica and allow yourself to have a memorable experience and expand your worldview!

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