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Rural Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a nice country of exuberant nature. Its wealth and beauty are in its forests and seas, in the great biodiversity that this little country has. Its beauty is also in its people, friendly and host that works every day to maintain the balance between progress, the conservation of its biodiversity, and keeping its roots through the time. Those country roots that remind that this country was forged with the plowed in the crops, with the cows in the field, with the wood stove. This trip through Costa Rica will allow you to experience similar experiences to the daily life of Costa Rica decades ago. Our trip starts very close to San Jose, in Coronado where Posada Monserrat and the ecological farm are located. There we will go out to look for the cows to the field to milk them but prepare a good coat for the cold that will wake you up! Then we go to San Gerardo de Dota area, ecological rural tourism place where the singing of birds awaits us and hopefully, we will see the iconic quetzal. After a visit to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world such as Manuel Antonio, we will cross to the North Pacific and visit Zanja Negra Farm. It is a family project in Santa Barbara of Santa Cruz. The family shares its objective with each visitor, rescuing the Guanacaste culture through participation in the activities and thus be able to experience this rich culture with them. Finally, we travel to the South Caribbean. Visit Talamanca that is recognized as one of the mountain ranges that cross Costa Rica and Panama and is one of the most important indigenous territories of Costa Rica. These lands have been inhabited by some indigenous groups such as the Teribes, Bribris and Cabécares. We will visit the Bribri community in Amubri, a place full of nature and mysticism, a place where millenary indigenous cultures converge. A natural and cultural paradise that hides the most precious secrets of an untamed land. We will sleep in a typical hut that have been only a little suitable for the visitors. We will have an experience full of stories and knowledge that its inhabitants will share with us to have that close contact with Mother Earth. At the end of this incredible trip we can relax on the beaches of the Costa Rican Caribbean to enjoy a little of that relaxed atmosphere that characterizes this part of the country. Come and enjoy this different trip through Costa Rica!

Roots of Costa Rica


Places to visit:
➣ Coronado
➣ San Gerardo de Dota
➣ Manuel Antonio
➣ Guanacaste
➣ Arenal
➣ Caribbean South

Main attractions:
➣ Lots of wildlife (flora and fauna)
➣ Direct contact with the hosting people in each lodging and sharing experiences
➣ Manuel Antonio National Park
➣ Arenal National Park
➣ Experiences in Indigenous community in Talamanca
➣ Cahuita National Park

Price US $ 1,381 per person. Could change depending on seasons.

This tour includes:

✓ Airport transfer - hotel and assistance
✓ 1 night at San Jose hotel
✓ 1 night in rural lodging in Monserrat  
✓ 1 night in basic and rural lodging in San Gerardo
✓ 2 nights at Manuel Antonio hotel
✓ 2 nights in basic and rural lodging in Guanacaste
✓ 2 nights at Arenal hotel
✓ 1 night in indigenous lodging in Talamanca
✓ 3 nights at Cahuita hotel
✓ Daily breakfast
✓ Three daily meals in Monserrat and Santa Barbara
✓ Rented car 4x4
✓ Included and detailed activities in the rural areas
✓ Service and hotel taxes
✓ Price US $ 1,381 per person. Could change depending on seasons.

This tour DOESN'T includes:

➣ Meals and drinks not specified in the itinerary
➣ Optional Tours
➣ Local and international calls
➣ Personal medical expenses
➣ Car rental insurance
➣ Departure taxes (US$29 per person)
➣ Air tickets from and to Costa Rica

Travel Itinerary

Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel in San José. Accommodation.

Breakfast. Departure to Coronado. Accommodation in rural lodge.

Monserrat is a rural community whose families are dedicated to the production of milk, cheeses and vegetables for their subsistence. The town is located within the Forest Reserve of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, and it is also a biological corridor between the Braulio Carrillo National Park and the Irazú Volcano National Park. This gives it a highly rich biological diversity. The community is surrounded by forests, waterfalls and spectacular views. The mist, the cold and the song of the birds is what characterizes this beautiful community.

Happy life in Monserrat
Happy life in Monserrat

Tour of owls and frogs at night
Departure at 6 in the afternoon with a local guide. We will visit trails of the property and paths of public street of the town surrounded by vegetation. There will be a telescope and lanterns for bird watching. The guide will give the highlights of each bird according to the species that we can see at night. Return to the Posada for dinner.

In the morning and before breakfast departure for the Milking Tour. In the community of Monserrat, it is customary to have the cows in the fields and go to look for them to milk them, so they are in a more natural and favorable environment. In addition to the experience that the activity gives, we will share with people from the community in this unique rural experience. Return to the lodge for breakfast.

Morning milking Tour
Morning milking Tour

Departure in the afternoon towards San Gerardo de Dota. Accommodation.

Breakfast. Departure to Manuel Antonio in the Central Pacific. Accommodation.

Enjoy a day of beach and nature within the Manuel Antonio National Park. It is one of the smallest and most popular national parks in Costa Rica. In Manuel Antonio you can enjoy a relaxing day on one of the four beaches or take a walk through the vibrant green tropical jungle. From natural pools of sea water with crustaceans to species of monkeys in danger of extinction and impressive panoramic views. In addition, you can enjoy other exciting activities such as rafting Tour, Sailboat Tour, boat ride or Kayak in the Isla Damas Estuary, Dolphin Tour, or take a paragliding tour on the beach. Accommodation.

Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Santa Barbara de Santa Cruz. Accommodation in family house of the community.

Santa Barbara is a community of rural and sustainable tourism run by its people. The project is called Finca Zanja Negra. It is located in the community of Santa Bárbara de Santa Cruz just one hour from the main beaches of Guanacaste such as Tamarindo, Conchal and El Coco. It is a small community which still conserves native Guanacaste customs and traditions. Here the visitors can live together with families and the community, where they can learn from their daily activities that are part of the folklore of this place of the country.

Enjoying natural and fresh cup of milk
Enjoying natural and fresh cup of milk

Breakfast at the assigned accommodation. In the morning the activities begin, accompanied by guides from the farm.

Elaboration of Guanacaste Tortillas: learn how to prepare the corn to make the dough and then prepare the tortilla in the stove. Then we will enjoy a snack with coffee or natural drink with tortilla, beans or cheese.
Cooking lessons: how to make homemade bread in the mud oven or a typical dish like hen with potatoes, corn rice. What you prepare you are going to eat.
Craft classes: learn how to beat the mud, then to prepare it to try to make the vessels that Guanacaste people make. Those are what in Costa Rica we know as Guaitil crafts.
Elaboration of a Marimba: we will visit a family that make marimbas as a tradition. The family will teach us to do the whole process of assembling a marimba and playing some notes.

Tortilla making process
Tortilla making process

Breakfast. Departure to Arenal Volcano National Park. Accommodation.

Arenal Volcano area is an exuberant destination, which combines adventure with nature. Among the activities you can enjoy are: Arenal Volcano National Park Tour, enjoy the relaxing hot springs, boat or kayak tour to Caño Negro Wetland where you can enjoy a variety of waterfowl, Hanging Bridges Tour, Cable Car with views to the imposing Volcano and Arenal Lake, Tour to the La Fortuna Waterfall, Rappel and Canyoning Tours, Low Level Hiking Tour, MTB Bike Tours with different routes and for all ages. Accommodation.

Arenal volcano
Arenal volcano

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Cahuita in the Caribbean South. Accommodation.

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to the Amubri Indigenous Territory in Talamanca. Lodging in traditional indigenous ranch.

Koswak is located in the Suretka - Amubri indigenous region. It is a place to know and live Bribri culture, songs, traditional dances, food and drinks and get in touch with the spirituality of Mother Nature.

Traditional Amubri ranch
Traditional Amubri ranch

Breakfast. Beginning of the activities of the Bribri Culture in Koswak and walk to Soky, visit the Ü Suré and explanations of the Awá. Then a small class of Bribri language. And at the end we will have "Chichada" Party with traditional songs and dances. Traditional corn drink to taste.

In the afternoon departure back to Cahuita. Accommodation.

Breakfast at the hotel. Enjoy the stunning beaches. The South Caribbean zone is one of the most privileged areas of the country. It is possible to find a diversity of beaches, and the best thing is the proximity. Let yourself go and explore the varied Caribbean beaches of white sand or black sand if you prefer. Either if you are looking for strong emotions or if you just want to rest, let yourself be carried away by what this cosmopolitan area of Costa Rica offers you. Among the activities you can do are visit to the Gandoca Refuge - Manzanillo, visit to beaches such as Cahuita, Cocles, Punta Uva, Chiquita and Manzanillo, take a tour at Cahuita National Park with snorkelling activity. Accommodation.

South Caribbean
South Caribbean

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Juan Santamaria International Airport.

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