Costa Rica Travel Guide

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know of Costa Rica, and to prepare for the trip of your dreams.


In Costa Rica the visitor will have many different scenarios in a territory small and easy to navigate. In the same day you can enjoy the sunrise in the Caribbean and watch the sunset on the Pacific coast, as well as enjoy a beach atmosphere and venture into the rainforest the same day. This is the advantage of Costa Rica, a country with many types of microclimates and many activities to do outdoors, a large number of national parks ranging from beaches to different types of forest, rivers and fields. You can enjoy mountaineering, travel in rapids in the different rivers of the country or go diving.

In the Pacific region will have a long coastal area and hundreds of beaches with clean water and a pleasant temperature all year. In the Caribbean coast will have a smaller coast but rich in rainforests and canals that will give you an image of what the tropical climate means.

In Costa Rica you can enjoy its volcanoes and mountains and why not experience for a few days of its Central Valley and the capital of the country, San Jose. A city that although for many years did not offer greater tourist attraction, in the last years it has shown a rebound in its gastronomic and entertainment offer. You can enjoy places like Barrio Escalante, an emerging gastronomic and nightlife center with an incredible variety of restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy all kinds of food and enjoy its bars with a refined and modern atmosphere.

Step into the mountainous areas and get acquainted with the Costa Rican coffee tradition, visit their coffee fields and learn the process of how this famous drink is produced around the world.

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