Costa Rica Travel Guide

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know of Costa Rica, and to prepare for the trip of your dreams.

How to get to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a position in the world that makes it close to everything. In America from any point they are few hours of flight and its policies of facilitation for its visitors, make it an easy country to visit.

From Europe, though it does require more flight hours to get to it, it is the same distance that would take you to reach any destination in America or Asia so it is a real option to consider for your vacation. Here you will find a landscape and inhabitants that you will not find anywhere in the world.

To Costa Rica the best way to arrive is by air, however, you can travel from Mexico and all of Central America via land or you can even visit it in cruises.

Airlines and approximate travel times can be found in this table.

Avianca - Bogotá, Lima, San Salvador and connections with the rest of American countries.

Copa Airlines - Panamá, Guatemala y conexiones

Cubana - La Habana

Aeroméxico - México DF

Interjet - México DF

Volaris - Guadalajara y Cancún

Veca- San Salvador

Nature Air - Nicaragua, Bocas del Toro

Air Panama - Ciudad de Panamá, David y Bocas del Toro

Albatros - Caracas

Air Canada - Toronto

Air Transat - Toronto

Westjet- Toronto

American Airlines - Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, Charlotte

Delta Airlines - Atlanta y Los Ángeles

United Airlines- Newark, Houston, Washington, Chicago

Alaska Airlines - Los Ángeles

JetBlue - Fort Lauderdale, Orlando

Southwest - Houston, Baltimore

Spirit - Fort Lauderdale, Houston

Iberia - Madrid

British Airways - Londres Gatwick

Condor - Frankfurt y Munich

Air France - París

Edelweiss - Zurich

Important Information

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