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Costa Rica Travel Guide

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know of Costa Rica, and to prepare for the trip of your dreams.


Costa Rica is a multicultural country It is a blend of indigenous and European culture influence, and later Afro-Caribbean and Asian cultures. The result is a very diverse nation welcoming and friendly. Tico is a kind, trustworthy person who will always try to help.

Some typical dishes of Costa Rican gastronomy are gallo pinto, chorreadas, tender elote, webbed tortillas, Caribbean rice and beans, and of course, coffee. Creole dishes and with a very particular flavor. The area of ​​Guanacaste is characterized by keeping alive the most typical traditions of the country, so it is a destination that can not be missed if you want to experience the cultural aspect of the country.

image of a plate of gallo pinto breakfast, a costarican typical food

Tico is the nickname of Costa Rican people due to a popular costum. It is very common for a tico to say "cafecito" to refers a cup of coffee or "gatico or perrito" to refers to a little cat or dog even if they a big size. It is like a need to make everything small. That´s way the nickname "tico" was born.

Costa Rica isn´t recognized worldwide for its arts, however painting, literature, poetry, sculpture and music are present in every corner of the country, turning the country in a destination full of different colors, smells, and sensations.


Costa Rica is recognized worldwide by the "Pura Vida". This expression has many meanings. Tico uses it in many different ways, for example:

As a greeting:

-Hello, pura vida?

-Pura Vida.

As thanks:

"Here's what you asked for."

-Pura Vida.

To refer to a good person

- That girl is pura vida!

And many more uses, but it can be summarize in meaning of relaxed, calm, spontaneous and vivacious lifestyle that is reflected in most Costa Ricans. With a few days living in Costa Rica, it is impossible not to be part of the simplicity and happiness with which the Ticos live, for what they call the happiest country in the world.

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