May 12, 2017

Rio Celeste, one of de wonders of Costa Rica

Rio Celeste is one of the most visited tourist sites in Costa Rica, and recognized worldwide for its unique coloration that varies from colors of celestial to turquoise.

Río Celeste is located within the Tenorio Volcano National Park. This park is considered of great natural value. The site has large areas of virgin forest, since the human intrusion has been relatively little. This has allowed the conservation of natural habitats vital for the preservation of species in danger of extinction, such as tepezcuinte, tapir and puma. In addition, in the foothills of the volcano Tenorio are born several rivers and streams of great hydrological value, and of notable tourist value.

Celeste River Waterfall

The main attractions of Rio Celeste are the waterfalls, the fumaroles, the boiling and hot springs, the viewpoint where the panoramic views have no equal. The natural forest and its paths where there are sightings of fauna. And of course, the place where the river takes its celestial color, which is called the Teñideros.

Celeste River, Teñideros

The flora is very varied; the palms, heliconias, ferns, bromeliads and orchids, trees like aguactillos, zapotes, pylons and jícaro. Among the fauna present is: the puma, the tapir, the kestrel, the monkey, the manigordo, guatusa, caucel, tepezcuinte, tolomuco, pava, umbrella bird, sunbird, and several species of snakes.

The tour to Rio Celeste allows you to walk along the trails of the Tenorio Volcano National Park for about 3 hours where you will visit the Celeste River, the waterfall, fumaroles, and hot springs.

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