Costa Rica, as a first love...

This beautiful country is like a first love. You experience astonished the sunrise in the Caribbean and if you fancy the madness, you travel in one day and you arrive, at sunset to the Pacific. Costa Rica is ready to be explored. It enjoys when it feels observed and manifests overflowing with joy with the eruption of one of its volcanoes or a waterfall wrapped in smiles.
Costa Rica inspires love, flirts with its green, its fragrance of orchids, poppy, papaya, mango and the thousands of animal species that make up its natural landscape. It involves us and drives us crazy. Costa Rica and the army do not go hand in hand, prefers peace to shelter their mestizos, Indigenous, blacks, whites, chinese and of course, every traveler who reach each of their corners.
Costa Rica is as a first love. You know it and it becomes a place of the heart that always remains, is remembered and longed for.

Adriana Aguilar
Costa Rican Poet

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