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Costa Rica, a country of peace

Costa Rica besides its nature and biodiversity has a
great treasure, it is a country in which its people believe in peace and feel
very proud to live in a country that professes peace.

Chirripo National Park
Chirripo National Park

The Ticos, as they are often called, have been a
democratic country for more than 100 years. It is one of the most solid
democracies in America and during all these years they have maintained a
pacifist spirit.

Independence day activity school
Independence day activity school

Another highlight is that since 1948 under the
government of Jose Figueres Ferrer was decreed by law the abolition of the army
and became the first country on the continent to apply this measure.

The abolition of the army brought great benefits to
the Costa Rican society, although at first it was seen as a decision with
political purposes, then it helped to have great and very important reaches in
the Costa Rican society. The government budget that should be invested in an
army was invested in areas such as education, health, and communications. This
measure gave excellent results. 

It allowed to have an advance in social matter
continuing its investment in agriculture, education, health programs, promotion
of culture, installation of modern electrical and communications networks,
potable water services and social security. This placed Costa Rica as a leading
country in the region in sectors such as tourism, electronics, agriculture, and
fishing and has resulted in a good quality of life for the inhabitants of this
beautiful country full of natural life.

Fiery-throated Hummigbird
Fiery-throated Hummigbird

The press
liberty stands out in this country, it is another fact that make Costa Rica one
of the most stable political countries in the Americas and the world.

there are still many things to be done, what has been achieved up to now has
been done thanks to these great efforts to live in an atmosphere of peace,
giving priority to education, promoting a culture of respect for the
environment and human rights.

Stunning Pacific sunset
Stunning Pacific sunset

Visit Costa Rica allow yourself to know and live its
peaceful atmosphere!

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